What Should Be Paid Attention To For Kraft Paper Packaging Boxes

- Aug 07, 2020-

What should be paid attention to for kraft paper packaging boxes

What problems should be paid attention to in the kraft paper packaging box in the food industry? Of course, this is a safety issue. Whether in the food packaging industry, such as cooked food packaging, beverages and dry tea, safety issues have attracted much attention. Therefore, the first thing to consider is whether kraft paper packaging in contact with food will produce harmful substances to the human body.

The next safety issue is the quality of food-grade kraft paper bags. Different forms of food have different requirements for packaging bags. Therefore, we should choose a reasonable kraft paper as the packaging bag in combination with the use of our own products.

It has the advantages of low production cost, easy production and processing, good fracture resistance, good printing effect, light weight, easy logistics and transportation, folding and reduced storage space, non-toxic, tasteless, biodegradable, non-polluting, etc. This has been widely favored and praised in the market. However, paper packaging also has a disadvantage that cannot be ignored, its waterproof performance is poor. Although coated kraft paper can be used for packaging of frozen products, the inherent defects of paper packaging materials still restrict the development of kraft paper packaging.

The commonly used materials in paper packaging are mainly packaging paper and cardboard. Generally speaking, the requirements for paper packaging are mainly production cost, paper strength, flexural resistance, and air permeability. Of course, there are different requirements for different uses of paper. For example, the main requirement of food-grade packaging paper is to be safe and harmless to the human body. For handbags and other packaging, there are more requirements for breaking resistance and tension. The requirements of paperboard are usually in terms of hardness, thickness, strength and ease of processing.