The Rope On The Tote Bag Is Not Picking Up Quickly, And It Will Be Used In The Future.

- Oct 23, 2019-

The rope on the tote bag is not picking up quickly, and it will be used in the future.

Many people like nothing more than to go shopping in the leisure time, especially the female compatriots. It is of course a great thing to buy and buy on vacation, although the wallet may be very painful afterwards. However, if you buy it, you will earn it. It is not a waste to wear it several times. What you buy back will usually have a paper shopping bag, how do you deal with the drawstring above? Today, I will teach you a few tips for using a tote bag, and take a look at it. Maybe it will come in handy.

The first method of use is that there is no need to remove the rope. First, after we usually get the tote to pull the drawstring, the opening is often large, and it is very inconvenient to put some valuables inside. In fact, there is a very simple The method can seal the mouth without knotting the tether. We picked up one end of the rope and put it out from the hole opposite it, and the other side did the same treatment. After pulling it up, the opening was closed. Is not it simple?1

There is also a way to use the rope to remove it. There are some spring shoe laces just to make a decoration. The laces on the usual sports shoes are very long. It is very unsightly to put together. At this time, we can solve the drawstring and then use it as a shoelace. And the color of the drawstring is rich, the length is not the same, there are many styles to choose from, braided rope, ribbon, etc., according to the style of different shoes can be freely matched.2

There is also a way to solve the drawstring. Some of the cleaner friends don't like to touch the toilet lid with their hands. Especially in summer, there are no enclosures around the toilet ring, which is more likely to be dirty. At this time, our drawstring It will come in handy, you can untie the drawstring, and then use the hot melt glue gun or transparent tape to stand the two ends of the drawstring inside the toilet seat. It is recommended to use hot melt adhesive, which is relatively strong and does not leave any trace. This completes a simple handle, and the upper and lower flips no longer need to touch the toilet ring directly.


There are also some ingenious friends who have picked up the drawstrings and woven them into a grid. They can put some spoons and cleaning supplies in the kitchen, or they can be placed in the toilet, and some towels and small items can be hung. It is also very convenient.


I don't know if you will leave something that you don't seem to use around you? Many friends are always at home, but there is no good way to use them. For example, this kind of bag, everyone thinks it looks good, you can temporarily load something, but never think about it. How to use it. What other tricks do you use? Welcome to share with flowers.