The Origin Of The Calendar

- Jul 17, 2018-

It was in ancient Rome, when there was a person specializing in money lending business.

Pay interest to the debtor. For the sake of convenience, they keep a record of their debts and the rest of their interest. Because this kind of book is arranged in a month by date, with a diary column, and its diary method is simple and clear, and is gradually being used by other industries for reference.

After the second Chinese comprador, Mo Hai Quan, a famous British businessman in Hongkong, a sugar factory was built. In 1884, he launched a "Postcard" similar to poster advertising to publicize the products of Tai Koo sugar factory. The design of Guan Huinong is specially designed by the designer. The content is mostly flowers, auspicious characters, luck, fortune, longevity, joy, the blessing of ancient Chinese officials, the blessing of the spring and the picture of the ladies. Those who buy Tai Gu sugar give a "calendar" frame. Later, many manufacturers competed in printing free gift cards and constantly improving forms. With the passage of time, "debt collection" and "calendar" gradually evolved into today's calendar.