Seal Transparent Clear Nylon&Pe Plastic Food Saver Precut Bags Embossed Vacuum Sealer Bags

- Aug 17, 2018-

HIGH QUALITY: Safe, Nontoxic, Good vacuum effect, High transparency, Tensile strength and durability, Easy to heat sealing, Sealing good, not easy ageing etc.

SAFE, CONVENIENT, RISK FREE: BPA-free,FDA approved. Can be microwaved, frozen, re-used, washed, boiled and dishwasher safe. Great for Sous Vide Cooking.

WORKS IN ALL VACUUM SEALER MACHINES: Designed for use with all vacuum sealers.

4 mil Heavy-duty bags with embossed air-removal channels for maximum freshness.

POPULAR PINT BAG SIZE - 100 Count Pack 6"x10"