Gift Wrapping Paper

- Jun 26, 2018-

Product name:gift wrapping paper

Specification:76.2CM*3.06M [maximum width is 85CM, length can be customized according to customer] 80 grams of coated paper (customizable)

The packing method can be customized according to customer requirements: 1, we are involved in a OPP shrink film. 100-200 into a box, the box is 5 layers, Valen paper, the frontal card strengthens the carton.

Payment method:After signing the contract for gift paper purchase, the buyers and sellers will prepay 30% gift paper payment to our company, and the remaining 70% gift paper money will be paid before delivery.

Pattern:Gift paper specific production process, the two sides negotiate gift paper proofing costs, up to 100000 orders after refund!

The price shows that the price quoted by our company is free from tax and freight, and it is necessary to quote tax and freight charges.

Product preservation for the color of the bag is not deviant, please keep it closed, avoid being placed in hot and humid places.

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