Do You Know The PVC Stickers

- Jul 05, 2018-

PVC sticker style is new, colorful patterns are more exquisite, color is also rich, the sense of PVC sticker overall sense of ancient elegance, some natural fresh, some luxury, some modern simplicity and so on style features, we can choose to choose different style of decoration according to their own preference.

PVC sticky paper can be pasted not only on the wall but also in other applicable range sites (such as home home, glass, tile, or some surface or dust without the surface).

PVC sticker sticker is more convenient, PVC sticker is not difficult to know is the use of the PVC material, with a certain waterproof performance and it with the back glue, do not need to brush glue direct tear open can be pasted.

PVC stickers usually cost about 11 yuan to 20 yuan per square foot. They can paste themselves at the time of paste, reducing the cost.

PVC sticker is made of pure paper nonwoven fabric and other materials. The effect of PVC sticker decoration is better. It has a strong sense of stereo, and it is easy to prevent moisture from being breathable.