Custom Plastic Bags Key Knowledge

- Feb 02, 2018-

1, biaxially oriented polypropylene BOPP: high transparency, tensile, cold, heat-resistant, -40 degrees -120 degrees;

2, biaxially oriented polypropylene matting film: a small degree of light reflection, was translucent, with a matting effect of the film;

3, cast polypropylene CPP: good gloss, good transparency, with heat sealing, casting high temperature film for cooking packaging;

4, polyethylene PE: transparent, good gloss, heat sealing, cold;

5, Polyester film PET: with tensile strength, heat 60-150 degrees, good air tightness, suitable for cooking, no heat sealing;

6, nylon PA or NY: colorless, high transparency, cold, heat, oil, cooking. Easy to absorb moisture, no heat sealing.

When custom plastic bags to know the plastic bags are made of the above composite materials, such as OPP composite CPP, this combination is very suitable for some small food packaging, its main features are high brightness, good transparency, beautifully printed Moisture-proof, oxygen isolation.