Pure raw materials and renewable raw materials made of plastic bags difference

- Feb 02, 2018-

1, pure raw materials

In the oil extracted, without any post-processing, milky white, transparent crystal particles, no impurities, physical properties are particularly good, easy processing, with the Chinese way there are two pure raw materials, is the major petrochemical company, after the two imports. Products made of pure raw material basically colorless, tasteless, shiny, good elasticity, soft touch. The most important thing is health and safety. Pure food generally used in food-related bags, such as food bags, roll bags and so on.

2, renewable raw materials

Wide range of sources, the scope of the larger chaos, mainly from domestic waste, waste plastic production convenience bags, bags and other waste recycling classification, the next step, and then cut, made of plastic granules after high temperature melting, waste recycling is based on the color Type Finally, the color is rich, the particles are rich and colorful, no gloss, than the pure raw material particles, and some products produced by the product without security, feel rough, commonly used in daily life and industrial production, does not apply to food packaging, Can not make food bags.