Product bags manufacturers should comply with market development

- Feb 02, 2018-

A / quality: The bags of raw material quality unqualified. Due to certain temperature and environmental effects, the ingredients of the bags undergo some qualitative changes, the result of which is harmful to our bodies. In addition, the printed marks on the bags can not be ignored, and some inks contain organic solvents as toxic substances. For example: Potential toxic and flammable substances such as toluene, ethyl acetate, butanone are low volatility volatile, use too easily lead to food contamination affect consumers' physical and mental health.

B / Packaging industry standards: The standard in the above-mentioned policy to introduce "food and cosmetics" to limit the over-packaging of goods in the April 1, 2010 implementation of the relevant documents, we can find a lot of over-packaging industry does not involve only the technical documents , Does not belong to the legal nature of the document, there is no mandatory.

C / Over-packaging is more and more serious: According to the survey, the packaging waste caused by over-packing is increasing day by day, seriously affecting the ecological health of the surrounding environment.