Plastic bags can also be recycled many times to support environmental protection and start from their own

- May 31, 2020-

Plastic bags can also be recycled many times to support environmental protection and start from their own

Plastic bags can also be recycled many times to support environmental protection

In daily life, we will collect a lot of plastic bags, people will get back several bags from the vegetable market for free every day, there are different colors of different sizes, almost all the food eaten at home depends on them to carry back , It provides us with great convenience. But it also puts pressure on the environment, which is where we are worried. So can these large and small plastic bags idle in the kitchen increase its utilization rate? Let it serve us more times. Discard it.

Plastic bag

Life is full of wisdom. Let ’s see how people who love life do it! First of all, we collect the slightly smaller plastic bags at home, most people will throw them away at hand, because they will always find it useless, if there are several at home For small-caliber empty buckets, such as those with babies at home, there will be empty milk powder cans used by children.

At this time, find a small bag and put it in this empty jar, so that there is a small trash can at home, you can put it on the coffee table, dining table, writing desk to collect some small garbage, such as The trash can on the coffee table can collect some melon seeds and apple peels.

Place it on the table to collect food residues. On the writing desk, you can collect some paper scraps, pencil dust, etc. Is it practical to wait until the trash in the bucket is full before throwing it away with the bag, and it seems that a plastic bag is not enough.

If there is no such keg in the house, there is no need to regret, we can make one by ourselves. The materials used are also very simple: newspapers, waste magazines and a bottle of glue that are not used at home. The method is to first bend the paper into a cylinder, and the diameter is that it is enough to open the small plastic bag.

The joint of the paper is glued with glue, and then another piece of paper is used to stick the second layer until the outer wall of the barrel is made to a thickness to make it firm. The bottom is also glued layer by layer with paper, also to make a thickness. After finishing, you can wrap a layer of colored paper on the outside to make it more beautiful. You can use it after putting the plastic bag into it. In fact, it is also simple to make!

Then, a slightly larger garbage bag can be used on the ordinary garbage can. Some people will say that we have tried it before, but it is not very easy to use. After the white bag is put on the bucket, the bag will not hang once thrown in It will fall in. Although this bag has a larger diameter, it is not long enough to fit into the bucket. The bottom of the bag and the bottom of the bucket cannot touch each other.

There is also a solution to this situation. You can take two small clips when setting the bag and clip the upper end of the bag to the trash can. Clip one on the side. In this way, even if the bag is slightly smaller, it can be used conveniently, and the bag will not fall into the bucket when throwing things in. In this way, you do n’t have to go to the supermarket to buy special garbage bags, and small clips like this are easy to find. You should have them in your home. If you do n’t have them, you can buy them in any store.

After using it in this way, there will be fewer bags at home. You do n’t have to buy food when you come back as before. Many bags will be left in the kitchen. You do n’t know how to place them in the kitchen. After recycling, you will see these bags again. No worries anymore, and the house looks neat and tidy.