Plastic bag manufacturers tell you how to properly buy anti-static bags

- Feb 02, 2018-

1, anti-static bags have lost smell when leaving the factory, should try to avoid using anti-static bags.

2, pay attention to appearance. Anti-static bags will have the corresponding character mark, indicating the obvious parts of the factory appear "food use" words, including the factory name, site name and product name. It is understood that the general product after the factory inspection certificate of goods mark.

3, to buy anti-static bags, try to spend a few bucks to large businesses, not to spend small stalls.

4, due to anti-static bags is not easy to degrade, will cause environmental pollution, so choose the green food packaging materials.

5, the purchase is not painted or painted as many products. Since coated and coated products not only cause material recovery difficulties, but most of the paint is toxic. If you eat these packaged foods, they can do more or less harm to your body and mind.