National Low-Carbon Day goes online Are you low-carbon today?

- Jul 15, 2020-

The theme of this year's low-carbon day is "green low-carbon, comprehensive well-off" So what does low carbon mean to us? Living in a contemporary society that advocates low-carbon life, green travel, frugality, and many other environmental protection concepts. For the general public, low-carbon may be to reduce the use of plastic products in life and generate less domestic waste. Travel as much as possible to choose public transportation Tools or riding, walking, saving water, etc., these living habits and behaviors are the specific manifestations of low carbon, and are small details and small changes that are integrated into daily life.

   Regarding the nature of low carbon, perhaps we should trace its historical source. In fact, this term can be said to be the product of the contradiction between the rapid development of human society and the ecological environment. It is accompanied by the rapid development of the world’s industrial economy. It is after humans have sacrificed the environment for the long-term development of society. A kind of "self-salvation" is also an important attempt to realize the importance of the natural ecological environment and strive to reach a settlement with it. The importance of such attempts for environmental protection is self-evident.