How to judge the bags together unqualified?

- Feb 02, 2018-

1, to see if the bag of ink is toxic

During the printing process, which ink is selected during the printing process can also have a significant impact on the environment. Toxic ink, when exposed to cooking oil, tends to fade. Therefore, you can use ink to test whether the ink is environmentally friendly before you buy the printed package. In addition, non-ferrous bags can not be used as food bags, contain aromatic hydrocarbons, with carcinogenic effects.

2, to see the bag bearing capacity

At present, the state regulations, custom bags must indicate its carrying capacity, but in the sales market, there are still a large number of packaging products, and no carrying capacity. The easiest way to test is to use a bag of a certain weight in the bag, and then walk with the bag to see how long the bag can stick. This test is too much trouble, why the buyer should pay attention to the carrying capacity of the bag? This is because a packaged product with poor packaging often breaks down during use, which increases the number of customers using the bag and creates waste.